Tenth Avenue Petroleum Corp.

Suite 203, 221 – 10th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta Canada T2G 0V9


Tenth Avenue Petroleum Corp. (“TAPC”) is a Calgary-based junior oil and gas exploration company operating in Western Canada. A wholly owned subsidiary, Jadela Disposal Well Corp. owns a 22% interest in a non-operating disposal well in Ft. Nelson B.C. Another subsidiary, Jadela Oil (US) Operating LLC, had acquired rights to exploit oil and gas mineral rights in Maverick County, Texas. Upon abandonment and remediation of an Eagle Ford well, Jadela U.S. will close operations in the U.S.

As of May 25, 2019, there were 10,512,668 issued and outstanding common shares. There were 780,000 options entitling holder to purchase 780,000 common shares at an exercise price $0.075 per share. There are 3,600,000 warrants entitling holders to purchase 2,000,000 common shares at $0.075 per share. Fully diluted there would be 14,892,668 common shares. The trading symbol on TSXV is “TPC”. The largest shareholder is Gregory J. Leia, President and Director. He owns 5,818,300 common shares and holds rights to acquire 3,870,000 common shares upon exercise of warrants (3,600,000) and options (270,000).